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Nowadays your website should be seen as much more than just a homepage with contact information.

Whether you’re redesigning your current business website or don’t even have one yet, it needs to be responsive, experiential, and fast.

I’ve described my process for website ideation and creation below.

In most cases, I’ll be rebuilding or improving on a client’s current website, and will start by auditing their web traffic and site health.

Understanding how current visitors are using the site referencing Google analytics

Discussion with owner about website what they like/don’t like about current site

Discussion of goals and what conversions they are looking for

Top down look at website layout and functionality

Itemize assets that will be necessary for each individual page

Based on audit and sitemap

Get approval of theme

Purchase Bluehost hosting package to receive free domain


free domain will be test domain we will develop new website on to keep current site live

All pages

Placeholders for imagery (if necessary)

Based on audit and sitemap

Get approval of theme

analytics and goals set up or any additional final tweaks.

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