Integrated Marketing Management

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Now this is an aggressive approach where I basically assume and oversee most to all aspects of your on and offline marketing under a 6-month agreement. Let’s just say this isn’t a “Jacob can you just manage my Twitter account” situation.

My signature service is perfect for businesses or individuals ready to invest in making significant changes to their current marketing strategy or who are just starting out and have a proper marketing budget.

Before I post anything, anywhere, We’ll first start with some foundational work to help me get acquainted with your business. I’ll perform a formal business discovery asking questions like what you specialize in and what you’d like to be known for. You’ll be very involved at this point.
Step two consists of analyzing your current online properties and internal marketing processes to diagnose and treat any inefficiencies or conversion bottlenecks. While this may result in additional web work, but there’s no point in driving traffic to a website that isn’t converting or doesn’t exist. During step 2 I’ll also carry out competitor research and familiarize myself with trends relevant to your industry which is important for fulfilling the next step.
Moving on to my favorite part of the process, Step 3 is all about strategy development, including defining goals and objectives, getting into the minds of your target audience and finding what drives them. I’ll develop recurring content themes that provide value and keep your fans entertained and involved.
In step 4, I’ll define logistics and brand messaging, creating any additional social accounts, graphics, and content calendar. These Logistics may also entail forward facing employee training.
Finally, in Step 5 I’ll execute the approved content strategy and assume the role of lead community manager for your social handles. Don’t worry, I’ve managed multiple clients and communities in the millions across multiple channels before.


I only include community management in this service because 1) it’s necessary and 2) I have the right tools to provide personalized engagement efficiently.

This service works on 6-month agreement periods and gives our monthly content calendar and proactive community management strategy enough time to unfold. I’ll gives me enough data to track and measure performance to make informed adjustments along the way.

We’ll the only thing I’ll really need from you is good communication. Since I can’t be on location, I’ll need your help providing me with newsworthy info or promotions, pictures and blog content. Finally, as lead community manager I’ll never answer a question I don’t know, so I’ll also need a point of contact to provide me timely answers within 48-hours.

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