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I, like many kids in Hawaii back in the 90’s, was a huge fan of Digimon. I can totally remember having a Digimon toy which was similar to having a Tamagotchi or handheld virtual pet that you would take care of. You could only imagine my surprise when years later I found myself at an agency as the lead Community Manager and …

Zombie Farm 2

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Zombie Farm 2 provided me a whole new level of social media management experience as it was my first time working with an iOS app. For those unfamiliar, Zombie Farm 2 was the updated version of the original Zombie Farm which had over 12 million downloads. This was another example of a 100,000+ fanbase Facebook page I was tasked with handling during …

Vortexx on the CW

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My Vortexx was a Saturday morning TV cartoon block on the CW and was one of the first clients I worked with during my agency career. My responsibility included being the lead Community Manager and Content Strategist. On a weekly basis I would provide an editorial content calendar and schedule Tweets during the block. Shows included The Justice League, Dragon Ball-Z, …

Social Media Today

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  Contributing to Social Media Today let’s me reach an entirely new audience. You can view my author page here.


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I worked with CorkSport briefly toward the end of my agency career. As they were a new client, I worked closely with an extremely skilled Account Manager to develop an integrated marketing plan along with a website redesign. I provided initial content creation, community management and product video production until another coworker took over the account.


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Grove was an extremity fun account to work on during my time as an agency employee. Aside from Community Management, Content Strategy and creation, I also gained valuable experience in planning and executing product launches. Grove was also a local business so it was great as a Community Manager to be able to meet face-to-face with the client and have …


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During my agency career I was asked to accompany the team handling a few of Intel’s properties for two separate events. The first being the Intel Developer Forum 2013 in San Francisco and the other being Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain in 2014. My role included filming live interviews, capturing promotional footage b-roll and interfacing with Intel Execs to build rapport with our …

Paul Frank

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Not gonna lie, but in High School I occasionally rocked a Paul Frank beanie. Little did I know I’d end up working with the brand during my time at a marketing agency. I worked with the Account and Community Manager to concept and produce short-form video content for the brand’s Instagram and Facebook which was a lot of fun! It was …